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    Q: Why are Witches good at English?
    A: They are brilliant at spelling.

    An old witch thought that she would make a fortune telling fortunes, so she bought a crystal ball, but she couldn't see any future in it!

    Q: What witches do you find in the desert?
    A: Sandwitches!

    I met two witches who were twins - I just couldn't tell which witch was which!

    Q: What kind of witches play croquet?
    A: Wicket witches.

    Q: What happedned when the little witches ate all their witchtable soup?
    A: They gruesome.

    Q: Why do witches go around scaring people?
    A: They're just trying to eek out a living.

    Q: Did you hear about the dog triner who joined a coven?
    A: He went from wags to witches.


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