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    Hinx, Minx, the Old Witch Winks

    Hinx Minx, the old witch winks,
    The fat begins to fry.
    Nobody at home but jumping Joan,
    Father, mother and I.
    Stick, stock, stone dead,
    Blind man can't see;
    Every knave will have a slave,
    You and I must be he.

    A Charm for Travellers

    Here I am and forth I must:
    In Jesus Christ is all my trust.
    No wicked thing do me no spite,
    Here nor elsewhere, day or night.
    The Holy Ghost and the Trinity
    Come betwixt my evil spirit and me.

    Charm to Cure Cramp

    The Devil is tying a knot in my leg,
    Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, unloose it I beg:
    Crosses three we make to ease us,
    Two for the thieves and one for Christ Jesus.

    The Witch from Rodmell

    I once met a witch from Rodmell,
    Who screamed like a bat out of hell.
    She jumped on to her broom,
    And flew out of the room -
    I only asked her how to spell!

    Hay-ho for Hallowe'en!

    Hay-ho for Hallowe'en!
    And the witches to be seen,
    Some black, and some green,
    Hay-ho for Hallwe'en!

    Charm Against an Egg-boat

    You must break the shell to bits, for fear
    The witches should make it a boat, my dear:
    For over the sea, away from home,
    Far bny night the witches roam.


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