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Norwegian Witchcraft and Witches

    In Norway the witchlore was not of apact with the devil but of evil deeds that the witch must commit and they were usually blamed for shipwrecks, murders and other crimes.

    The first recorded trial was in Bergen and ended in the execution of Oluf Gurdal. Two more were burned and one was exiled. The next case ended before it had a chance to begin as the accused strangled herself.

    Another case was that of Karen Thorsdatter and an accomplice by the name of Bodil Kvams who both admitted to attending sabbats and plotting against the local magistrates. They were both burned in Kristiansand.

    Another trial involved Ole and Lisbet Nypen and Karen Snedkers in Copenhagen. Snedkers was accused of using magic against Neils Pederson and Johan Worm. She confessed to her crimes and also admitted to trying to sink a ship. Her confession implicated others and herself and six others were burnt to death.


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