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Irish Witchcraft and Witches

    In Ireland the witchcraft mania was relatively non-existent because possibly its geographical remoteness, the difficulty in getting books on witchcraft, and because of the protestant ruling class.

    The first notable case was that of a Dame Alice Kyteler and many of her servants who were charged for heretical practices and occult activities. This trial was instigated by Bishop of Ossory who was trained in france. Due to investigations carried out by him Kyteler's maid Petronilla de Milda or Meath became the first victim recorded being burned at the stake on November 3 1324 after extracting a confession from her. Others may have been implicated but records were incomplete.

    Magee Island this trial was the last recorded witch trial in ireland and was different to other witchcraft trials as it was being linked to poltergeist activity.

    The events started in 1710 when the household of James Haltridge the son of a deceased Presbyterian minister who was having pranks played on him and his family by an unseen hand. In 1711 his mother felt a pain in her back and later on died. Neighbors started to believe that wichtcraft was being used a new servant to the household by the name of Mary Dunbar was showing signs of demonic possession. The girl claimed she had been tormented by eight women who when in her presence would send the girl into wild hysterics as a result these women were tried based on the girls words.

    Authorities however were finding it hard to find them guilty or not as they had several testimonials saying that they were regular churchgoers and were of good nature. In the end three judges agreed to differ, but the jury agreed that they were guilty, their sentences ranged from a year in jail and undergoing four appearances in the pillory.


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