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History of Witches

    Witches are practitioners of witchcraft and generally are skilled in sorcery and the magical arts. Through rituals, charms, spells and the conjuring or invoking of spirits, they manipulate natural and cosmic forces for either good or evil purposes.

    The word witch comes from the Middle English word witches which is also derived from the old English terms known as Wicca, wicce and wiccian, which mean to work sorcery, bewitch.

    Throughout the most part of history they have been feared and abhorred because of the fact they were thought to be vindictive, cast evil spells upon others and consort with evil spirits. The western concept of them has evolved from sorcery and magic beliefs dating back to the ancient Assyrians, Babylonians, Acadians, Hebrews, Greeks and Romans. In ancient Greece and Rome they were renowned for their herbal knowledge, magical potions and supernatural powers.

    Classical witches often were said to possess the evil eye.


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