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    Sleeping Beauty by 19th century German writer Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Tells the story of a young princess who falls asleep after pricking her finger on a evil witch's spindle and who may only be awoken by the kiss of a stranger.

    Rapunzel by the Brother's Grimm. Tells of a jealous witch who has imprisoned the lovely Rapunzel in a tower and who uses her hair to climb to the top.

    Baba Yaga who was suppose to fly around the forests in a mortar and pestle rather than a broomstick. She was said to love roasting children whether they were family or complete strangers. Also known as teh Bony-legged One would cackle at her guests, "Fie! Fie! I smell a Russian bone!" If she didn't roast them she would give them advice. She had a magic wand also.

    Ingoldsby Legends by Thomas Ingoldsby (R H Barham 1788-1845). a comic-fantasy in which witches would entice local idlers into joining them in thir flying frolics.

    Hansel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm. The witch posing as a friendly old woman would lure children into her house where she would fatten them up to eat for her supper.


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