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Channel Islands Witchcraft and Witches

    Channel Islands while being under the English jurisdiction was greatly influenced more so in the French culture therefore witchcraft hysteria had more impact compared to the mainland.

    Guernsey witnessed teh worst of it, with 58 women and twenty men being tried on charges of sorcery in the 100 years or there abouts at the time of Elizabeth I to that of Charles I.

    Also on the Island of Jersey between 1562 and 1736, 66 trials took place. Most notably all those accused were sentenced to death as the records suggest.

    The way in which they were executed were that of burning them instead of hanging them or in same cases both being done. Others were banished, whipped or had their ears cut off. A most notable execution was that of a pregnant witch who was burned and during the execution she gave birth and the baby was tossed on the flames.

    The most sensational case was that of Collette du Mont in 1617.

    Reasoning eventually prevailed at the end of the 17th century, and cases of alleged witchcraft became rarer.


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