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Brazilian Witchcraft and Witches

    Macumba the brazilian form of vodoun and Santeria, or the worship of the ancient African gods through spirit possession and magic. The word Macumba is an umbrella term for the two principal forms of african spirit worship in Brazil Candomble and Umbanda. Macumba refers to black magic but is really more Quimbanda.

    Candomble ceremonies start with invocations to the gods, prayers, offerings and possession of the faithful by the gods.

    One celebration held on January 1 in where more than a million celebrants wade into the ocean at dusk where a priestess known as mao de santo or as she is also known mother of the saint, lights candles and then purifies and ordains the other young priestesses. As the sun goes down, celebrants decorate a small wooden boat with candles, flowers and figures of the saints. At midnight the boat is set sail of the shore, if the boat sinks the orisha Yemanja has heard their prayers and accepts their offering, promising her support and guidance for another year.

    Umbanda incorporates the worship of the catholic saints along with the beliefs of the Brazilian Indians.


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