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Bavarian Witchcraft and Witches

    In Bavaria witchcraft trials they would torture routinely to extract confessions. Those found guilty were encouraged to name accomplices and so the hysteria spread claiming more and more.

    Some towns and villages lost more people to the panic than others. One town Werdenfels in the alps lost 49 of 4700 people who lived there. In Schongau in 1598-9 all judges set aside any cases that were not witch trials so they could prosecute and put to death any convicted of witchcraft.

    Many people under the rule Maximilian I were put to death under the flimsiest of evidence or by the sheer fact that they have been tortured nto confessing even if they have been forced to confess something that wasn't true.

    The last witchcraft trial was of about 20 suspects at Ausburg in 1728-34 which resulted in executions and the trial of Anna Maria Schwagel in 1775.


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